Dream, Twirl, Sparkle

Diamond Package Princess Make-over

Our Diamond package is suitable for children 4+ years.

Our glamorous diamond package is designed to entertain children with sparkles, tiaras and lots of Princess fun.

Our Princess entertainer arrives with fun games to be played, followed by a Princess workshop where all Children are taught Princess etiquette skills.

All Children receive certificates, tiaras and a Princess sash for learning how to wave and curtsey (just to name a few), like our beautiful Princess.

All children will have the option to look just like our Princess with beautiful Princess make-up, such as glitter eye shadow and face jewels.

Party Receives:  Game prizes, Princess sash, Princess certificate and Princess tiaras for all children, present and card for the birthday child.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Diamond Package

  • Meet & greet
  • Princess make-up
  • Princess workshop
  • Princess ceremony
  • Photo session


Glitter Package Meet the Princess

Our Glitter Package is suitable for children 3+ years.

It is ideal for parties that just need that extra, sparkly touch. This package that we have to offer is about meeting our real life glamorous Princess.
Our Princess arrives with fun games to be played, prizes for all party guests and lastly, photo taking by parents individually and as a group with our Princess.

Party Receives: Game prizes, present and card for the birthday child.

Duration: One hour

Glitter Package

  • Meet & greet
  • Princess games
  • Princess makeup
  • Photo session


Princess Wish Package

Our Princess wish is suitable for 3+ years and is only available during weekdays.

It is designed for the Birthday child to meet a real life Princess on the day of her actual Birthday and make a special and memorable wish for the year ahead.
This intimate Princess party can be just for the birthday girl or can be celebrated with maximum three friends.

Party Receives:  Present and card for the birthday girl, party prizes for all party guests.

Duration: 30 minutes

Princess Wish

  • Meet & greet
  • Princess make-up
  • Princess Wish
  • Photo session